city history

The City of Malta was originally a railroad station stop, Siding 54, for the Great Northern Railroad.  Legend states the Great Northern Railroad crew named the City of Malta by spinning the globe and pointing to the Island of Malta.

The City of Malta was incorporated in 1909.  The form of government is Mayor/Council with a Mayor elected at large and four councilpersons elected from two wards. 

The City of Malta owns and operates a licensed landfill.  Other services provided by the city are water, sewer, streets, parks, recreation, City Court and garbage pick-up.  The City of Malta contracts with Phillips County for law enforcement services.  The city does finance and provide a fire hall/station for a volunteer fire department.

Items of interest in this area are prime hunting for elk, deer, antelope and birds.  Fishing is very popular at Nelson Reservoir, Missouri River and at many stocked reservoirs throughout the county.  Dinosaur enthusiasts can visit the Phillips County Museum and the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum.  Both museums are adjacent to each other making it more attractive for parties to visit both sights. The world famous dinosaur, Leonardo, is currently housed at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  A replica is located at the GPDM.  The annual county fair, car show and races, municipal swimming pool and many other activities are offered.