The City of Malta is offering Auto Bill Pay starting with the October billing!

After filling out the Authorization form and returning it to the City Clerk’s office, the City will automatically take out money for the monthly utility bill on the 7th of the month.

PLEASE READ THE AUTHORIZATION FORM CAREFULLY and call the City Clerk’s office if you have any questions,

Click here for Authorization Form

For your convenience the City of Malta accepts Debit/Credit card payments.

You may use your card to make payments through payGOV.US.  This service is available online, at the office or through a mobile app.  You may also call the City office and do it over the phone.  When you first register, or to make a one time payment, you will need your account number off of your bill card.  If you register with the service you shouldn’t need it after the first time.  There is a 3% convenience fee to use this service.



  1. Click on PAY ONLINE button at top of page.

  2. When redirected to PayGov page, click on Home.

  3. Either type in 3390 OR pick Montana, City of Malta, Malta City Clerk in the drop down boxes.

  4. Fill out information, click I Accept and submit your payment.

mobile apps

In order to use the app you will to enter the PLC CODE 3390 when you first register and set up your account in the app.

water usage

SUMMER WATER USAGE:         April 21-September 20           11,000 gallons

WINTER WATER USAGE:          September 21-April 20           6,000 gallons

Overage of these amounts = $2.00 for every 2000 gallons over


Payments are due by 3:00 PM on the 20th of each month.  Payments after this time will incur a 10% delinquency fee on the water and sewer.

Once the account is placed on the Shut-Off List on the third month of non-payment, the account MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY 8:00 am on the 20th of the month, or it will be shut off.  Once shut off, the account must be paid in full PLUS a $75.00 turn-on fee before the water will be turned back on. 

All utility accounts must be in the property owner’s name.