info & Hours

Landfill Address: 2124 Short Oil Road
Landfill Phone Number: (406)654-1812
Landfill Hours: Dates to be determined
Spring/Summer Hours: Monday-Saturday 9-5
Fall/Winter Hours: Monday-Friday 9-5
Closed 1-2 for lunch


Landfill Operator: Doug French

Landfill Gatekeeper: Kevin Stevens


  • The City of Malta charges for demolition, appliances, tires, wood and metal taken to the landfill. There is NO charge for grass, tree limbs or regular household garbage taken to the landfill.

  • ALL loads to the landfill must be secured.

  • Remember freon needs to be removed from any item containing it before being taken to the landfill.

  • Landfill charges will be assessed to the person HAULING the garbage to the landfill.

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Public Works

hours & info

City Shop Address: 397 Opportunity Drive

Shop Phone Number: (406)654-1676

Shop Fax Number: (406)654-5255



Public Works Director: Jim Truelove
Shop Foreman: Eric Witmer
Garbage Truck Driver: Mike Tribby
Crewmember: Chris Stiers
Crewmember: Justin Anderson
Crewmember: Nick Cilz
Crewmember/Parks: David Wilkes
Crewmember: David Jaynes